Juan Gerstl – Geometric Poetry

Juan Gerstl’s emphasis on symmetry is evident in his recent works: 2D and 3D compositions made of UV prints over aluminum composite. The combination of colors, shapes and materials creates a sense of harmony that he describes as “geometric poetry”.

With Italian and Venezuelan roots, Gerstl’s parents instilled in him from a very early age a sense of adventure and a love for nature that have deeply influenced his practice. He graduated in Visual Communications in 2006 and started to work as a graphic designer, but soon decided to pursue a career as an artist, inspired by Alejandro Otero, Jesus Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez.




Light has an essential role in Gerstl’s finished pieces, completing the union of overlapped elements and infusing a captivating quality that encourages the viewer to make sense of the whole.

The artist’s work continues to evolve as he revisits his stand on shape, volume and symmetry: “I consider the harmony of every piece I create. My creative journey oscillates from a quiet dream to a sharp mathematical reality that is born as an optical illusion to the spectator.”

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“At the heart of our project also lies the belief in art being fundamental to a happier life and a better society”