Above anything else, Natalia Laínez wanted to draw

Driven by this calling, Laínez moved from her hometown to study Fine Arts in Barcelona, where she graduated in 1996, before going on to complete her PhD in 2007. Her education also includes a Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Scenography.

During her career, Laínez has combined temporary stays in France, Portugal and Argentina with her long-term residence in Barcelona. Since 2003, she has collaborated regularly with the artist Soledad Sevilla (Valencia, 1944) in the production of her works, installations and exhibitions.

Painting has always been Laínez’s main means of expression, but photography has also played an important role in her career. In some of her works, she goes beyond the surface of the canvas into three-dimensional reality, with an increasingly architectural approach to space.

Laínez aims to engage the viewer, opening a window into human nature: “My work tries to show in a poetic way my vision of the feelings and emotions that make us who we are.”



“At the heart of our project also lies the belief in art being fundamental to a happier life and a better society”